7 comments on “wii fit – in stock now

  1. Ideas of well, keeping fit when i play my wii is flipping ace. Sure to keep nan of my back. All grown ups ever say is “go outside and get some excercise in the fresh air” blah blah. Now i’m going to open the window and jog in my bedroom. Tehe

  2. Balance training! Ha haaaaa WHATEVER. You’ll buy it then never use it, trust me I’m a personal trainer. You can’t beat the real thing 🙂

    Fitness can not be bought. Sure you can buy the wiii fit game, but without steely discipline you won’t shed any pounds.

  3. the wii fit game speaks for itself, 90 copies per minute. hell no wonder you have trouble getting wii fit instock!

  4. Wii Fit stays out of stock no matter what Nintendo does. So before it runs out of stock this time too, purchase one. here’s my email nikola.henry@gmail.com to help you locate one from some of the coolest and most trusted sites online.

  5. I used a best site ‘gamestock’ to get my wii fit cause i could find it anywhere. Wii fit stock was listed on the site but I signed up for email alerts to get one for 69.99. 24hrs later it emailed me that argos was in stock and i got one. no more worries for xmas!

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